Baby Bales Oat Hay

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Volume: Min 20L (approx. 1.5kg)

Product origin: Australia

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Baby Bales – Perfect for your small pets!

Baby Bales Oat Hay is a highly palatable and biodegradable fibre source essential to gut health, suitable for all herbivores and foragers, like your rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas at home. It has a reputation for being a ‘sweet’ hay, consisting of the stalks, leaves and immature seeds of the oat plant. Offering a balanced package of energy, protein, fibre and water soluble carbohydrates.

A Trapwell Farm product from the Avon Valley of Western Australia. With six generations of farming, this is a brand you can trust!


Oat hay (Australian)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 8% to 14%

Additional Information

– Keep cool and dry for storage.
– Quality will vary according to seasonal and growing conditions.
– This hay is grown to export quality standards.
– Other than being a nutritional food source, it can also be used to refresh cage floors, kennels, hutches, pens and nesting boxes.
– Mulch leftovers to gardens for happy plants.

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