Binky Bunny Grape Vine Chain (Peeled)

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Loops: Approx 3″ diameter
Chain Length: Approx 3 feet

As it is a handmade natural product, colour, texture, thickness and size may vary slightly.

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Chew-able lightweight chains made from peeled natural grape vine make for the perfect bunny boredom buster.

This plays into a bunny’s natural instincts. Their wild cousins get rid of roots and vines in their path. The great thing about these chains is they cater to those very instincts and they give our domestic rabbits a project. Weave them in pen bars for bar chewers, hang them straight down, (DO NOT HANG IN LOOP), from sides of pens, cages, to create a small natural barrier that a bunny will want to get rid of. They can quickly chew through the middle and will work their way to the top and chomp on or toss what dropped. You can also squeeze a soft treat, like a piece of fresh or dried cranberry or blueberry between the vines to give it a boost.

Simple easy fun!

We strongly recommend you DO NOT LOOP THIS in such a way where a bunny can run though and get caught up. A bunny’s sight is very limited straight on, and so don’t be a nutty bunny and hang these in a way that could cause problems. These are very light weight and can easily break but we prefer to advise for safe usage. We absolutely love these chains because we have found they offer excellent enrichment when used in a right way.

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