Bunny Nature My Favorite Hay from Nature Conservation Meadows – Sunflower & Malva Blossoms


Weight: 100g

A diverse hay harvested from pristine nature conservation meadows with radiant sunflower petals and tender and mild mallow petals in a handy snack form.

– From nature conservation meadows
– With tasty sunflower petals

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Here, all the animal senses are directly activated. The wonderful tender texture of the petals offer the ideal contrast to the crunchy hay. On one hand, your pet can nibble on the hay stalks rich in raw fibres for a long time, contributing in that way to support their dental abrasion. On the other side, the fine tender and sweet taste of petals offer a tasty highlight that completely rounds off this hay snack.


Hay from nature conservation meadows, sunflower blossoms (1,5%), malva blossoms (1%)


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