Rodipet Organic Dandelion Roots

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Weight: 75g

– 100% natural chew treat
– Organic!
– Satisfies the urge to chew
– Rich in nutrients
– Helps to wear teeth down

Rodipet recommends this product for all rabbits and pet rodents.

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A chewy dental care treat

With most rodents and rabbits, dandelion leaves are a favourite treat. What is less known is that dandelion roots are also very popular. When dried, they are not just a great source of vitamins and minerals but also make for an excellent dental care snack.

Since it is high in bitter agents, dandelion stimulates liver and gall bladder, thus preventing illnesses and aiding blood purification.


Dandelion root

Feeding Recommendation

Feed your small pet one piece of dandelion root per week. This way, they will get plenty of nutrients, yet the root remains a special treat.

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