TeaFresh Small Animal Bedding 2.5kg

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Weight: 2.5kg

World’s First Small Animal Bedding Made From Real Recycled Tea Leaves from Taiwan.

– Long Lasting Odor Control
– Super Low Dust
– Easily Flushable
– Biodegradable

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Sustainably Fresh, Naturally Clean!

Tea leaf’s natural structure is hierarchical porous which makes it highly absorbent, and it also comes with natural tea scent. The 2 types of probiotics equip the product with the power to fight molds, pathogens and ammonia.

4 Reasons to Love TeaFresh Small Animal Bedding

1. Long Lasting Odor Control
Harnessing the power of probiotics, our lab-tested formula starts eliminating ammonia in just 30 seconds.

2. Super Low Dust
Undergoing a meticulous four-step process, TeaFresh Small Animal Bedding ensures an exceptionally low-dust formula. Breathe easy, knowing your home and your pet’s lungs are free from unnecessary particles.

3. Easily Flushable
Drop TeaFresh Small Animal Bedding into the toilet bowl, let it soak for a few seconds, watch it dissolve, then flush away. A hassle-free solution that cares for your small animal and the environment.

4. Biodegradable
TeaFresh Small Animal Bedding is biodegradable, offering an eco-friendly option that can be used as fertilizer after each use.

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